Weeks with treks of different themes

Spice up your existence or in Grannys medicine cabinet

Pick your lunch, make your desert with fresh flowers, prepare creams and simple products to heale everyday wounds and damages. Learn how citizens from east and west have prevented illnes and brought the body energy by using the simplest and most accessible plants, those that we often call weed.

Training in the mountains, fun, excitement and progression

A weeks well-being and physical activity with the main focus on trekking, jogging and mountainbiking, all organized according to each participants level and physical shape.

The core of the weeks program is wellbeing and imrovement of physical form.

You can also participate in other activities in the Serre Chevalier valley which is a real Eldorado for everyone hungry for adventure.

In the weeks program will be included stays in the natural warm baths in Monetier and you can have shiatsu treatments and massages.

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